Organizer: The Japan Astronomy Council Comet ISON Campaign Committee
Supporting organizations: Japan Telescope Manufacturers Association
AstroArts Inc.

Did you see Comet PANSTARRS this last spring (2013)? It was probably difficult to see with the naked eye, but some of you might have been able to see it with binoculars. This year is being called year of the comets. From November on, Comet ISON may become bright. As Comet ISON will pass very close to the Sun, it might just reach a brightness that could make it visible to the naked eye. If so, since the passing of Comet Holmes, which unexpectedly brightened in October of 2007, it will be the brightest comet in 6 years to be seen from Japan.

So that many people can enjoy observing Comet ISON, the Japan Astronomy Council is running the “The let’s find Comet ISON observational campaign.” The aim of this campaign is to draw attention to Comet ISON, which is hoped to become a bright comet, and have everyone actually observe it with their own eyes. The campaign is scheduled to run from November 1, 2013 through January 20, 2014.

Participating in this campaign is very simple. Refer to the campaign website to search for Comet ISON, and then report information on the website such as the location from which you made observations and whether you saw it or not. You can also add comments to reports as you like. If you used binoculars, telescopes, etc., please report what kind of equipment you used to view the comet. Further, in addition to adding comments, please have a try at capturing Comet ISON on camera as you can also upload photographs. Reports of “I couldn’t see it” will also be helpful to others, so please don’t forget to report even when you weren’t able to see the comet.

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